BEN & GAWS PVT. LTD has grown to become one of the most preferred privately-owned engineering company by manufacturing superior and innovative ‘bolted panel’ liquid storage tanks, grain storage silos & material handling equipment for different industries like grain milling, seed plants, breweries, ethanol plants, firefighting, rainwater harvesting, industrial and domestic water treatment, oil & gas, power plants, other manufacturing and processing plants etc. Our engineering and technical expertise combined with exceptional qualities and continuous focus on customer satisfaction put us at the forefront of these verticals.

Headquartered in New Delhi, India, BEN & GAWS follows the latest German standard for designing, product development, and manufacturing, as an alternative, it also offers the latest American and Indian standards depending on end-user’s requirement, location, and nature of the application. Partnering with reputed European as well as top Indian designing institutions and organizations, we are relentlessly developing and improving our products to suit all possible applications and geographical conditions.


The concept of grain, industrial solids & liquids, and water storage is neither unique nor exclusive, it’s just the way we help modern organizations undertake it, is what makes us different.

At Ben and Gaws, we want to transform how organizations and communities look towards agricultural and industrial storage. We live in a generation where we must be able to anticipate what the future will require. We are therefore not here to provide the mundane, the tested or the obsolete. We combine eco-friendly, cutting-edge technology with simplicity, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness, to give to our clients the new-age solution to complete storage facilities and processing equipment.

Our mission is to meet the needs of the end-users accurately and to provide unparalleled quality of material and reliable after-sales service to ensure hassle-free operation of the supplied equipment and solutions in the long run.


Quality at BEN & GAWS is everyone’s responsibility. We have introduced detailed quality procedures within the organization and have multiple checkpoints to monitor it for every project.

This includes raw material selection, fabrication drawings, fabrication, surface finish, packaging, installation at site and commissioning. At every stage we share quality report to the buyer to review and we move to the next stage or process only after receiving of the approval from the buyers or end users.


At BEN & GAWS, we are passionate about developing tailor-made unconventional storage solution that fits into almost every kind of industrial storage requirements at an economical cost and much higher longevity compared to those of conventional storage.
Our initial focus was in limited verticals like FMCG & Grain Processing, Firefighting and Water treatment which we have successfully expanded to other verticals like Oil & Gas, Pharmaceuticals, Tyre, and Industrial Rubber, Distilleries, Sugar Plants, etc.

We never hesitate to explore new markets as well as challenging existing markets. With this drive, we are increasing our footprints in SouthEast Asia, Middle East, Africa, and the USA. Hence it is not surprising therefore that in a very short period, we have established ourselves as a favorite among many Indian and International organizations providing them with complete solutions for all liquid and bulk storage needs.

Our strive for continuous product development, product quality and cost-effective production are the basic elements of competitiveness. YoY exponential growth, 1000 plus installations, 90% Blue-Chip customer base and 82% repeat orders complement our product quality, pre and post-sales support, continuous product development and genuine price structure and behind the success is our venturesome, entrepreneurial spirit.

Dwaipayan Dutta, CMD, Ben & Gaws has a degree in Mechanical Engineering and is a former incubatee at IIM Calcutta. He has 12 years of experience in manufacturing long term grain & liquid storage, grain conditioning and product development.


There are some people who believe in working for greater good. And being a part of finding industrial storage solutions and manufacturingfor the same, is a form of doing greater good. So, here's a sneak peek into the team who believe in the mission and are working relentlessly at it with a common vision:


Chandersekar Sitaram

Vice President

Mr. Chandersekar Sitaram Holds A Bachelor’s Degree In Textile Technology. He Is The Former CEO Of Sree Sabari Mills, Division Of Amalgamated Coalfields Ltd. He Has 45 Years Of Experience In Advanced Applications Of Textile, Post-Harvesting Grain Technology And Material Handling. He Heads Business Development And Operations For Ben & Gaws.


Sarin Suares

Chief Finance Officer

Mr. Sarin Suares Holds A Bachelor’s Degree In Civil Engineering From IIT Delhi And An MBA In Finance From IIM Bangalore. He Has 14 Years Of Experience In Treasury And Finance Verticals. He Has Previously Worked With Bharati Group For Their Flagship Venture Airtel. He Looks After Multi-Geography Exposures, Cash Flow Management, & Finance.


Rasheed Ahmad Khan


Mr. Rasheed Ahmed Khan Holds A Degree In Mechanical Engineering. He Has 16 Years Of Experience In Post-Harvesting Storage, Effective Grain Handling Procedures And Equipment, Advanced Grain Drying And Cleaning Technology, Product Development And Minimization Of Storage Loss. He Looks After Production And R&D.


Pradip Kumar Dey


Mr. Pradip Kumar Dey Holds A Bachelor’s In Electrical Engineering. He Has 14 Years Of Experience In Poultry And Feed Technology. He Has Global Experience In Advanced Feed Technology And Processing. He Looks After Operations, Procurement & CapEx At Ben & Gaws.


The primary focus of the board is to govern that established general directions are employed towards concrete work definitions and to monitor audited results. We are governed and controlled by corporate policies that ensure achieving the company’s mission while protecting the rights and duties of all members of the company. Each board member of the company is responsible for duty of due diligence, loyalty, and confidentiality. We follow policies for conflict of interests, code of conduct, sexual harassment at workplace, human resource and competency, career planning and succession. We are governed and monitored by laws and policies applicable in India and abroad.


As an organization, we value integrity, honesty, and professionalism in business. Any kind of non-ethical conduct or misconduct, violation of regulatory and/or legal policies, financial misrepresentation by employees or any associate will not be tolerated as will be subjected to disciplinary action. At Ben and Gaws we support reporting of any such incident or concerns to management immediately so as to take disciplinary action against the offender(s). Individual acts of misconduct as such should not be attributed to the company.


We sense our responsibility towards Society and Environment. We are contributing to different organizations involved in various socially beneficial activities. We have installed drinking water storage tanks and rainwater harvesting tanks in rural areas and outskirts of Rajasthan & Maharashtra. At Ben & Gaws, we are always looking forward to helping our community and society towards a better future.