BEN & GAWS liquid storage tanks are designed according to the loads on tank wall derived from American Standard ANSI – ASAE EP 433:88 Rev 2006 or German Standard DIN 1055 1987. Wind load design of the storage Tank follows German standard DIN 1055-4:2005-03 or Indian standard IS 875 Part III. All the Tanks are designed according to respective seismic zone according to Uniform Building code and applicable snow load depending on the site of installation.


Liquid Storage Tank
Diameter Range 2.72 meter 45.38 meter
Volume Range 40.31 m3 7682 m3
Steel Grade 350 MPa 550 MPa
Stiffener per sheet 0 to 1 4
Wind Rings 0 5


BEN & GAWS uses UNI EN 10346: 2009 S350 GD+Z grade ultra-high tensile and high yield steel with fine molecular structure and controlled internal purity. It combines outstanding mechanical properties like fatigue resistance, toughness and formability along with abrasion resistance.


TATA BLUESCOPE made marine grade Zin-Alume-Silicon Alloy steel of AZ 150 or AZ 200, which offers best available surface protection against corrosion even in harshest environment like costal region or the regions with high rain fall or snow fall, is used for wall sheets and roof panels. It is offered with yield strength of minimum 300 MPa to minimum 550 MPa depending on the application. ZINCALUME® steel complies with AS1397, ASTM A792M, IS 15961 and ISO 9364 standards.

By blending 55% Aluminium with 43.4% zinc & 1.6% Si in an alloy coating, greatly enhance corrosion resistance. As a result extensive testing indicates that life span of ZINCALUME steel’s with AZ150 is up to four times that of ordinary galvanized steel (Z275) in similar environmental conditions. As an alternative solution, pre-galvanized steel with G300 to G450 grade galvanizing is also used for corrosion protection.


ZINCALUME-high tensile-corrugated bolted steel panels made outer shell along with high tensile inside liner or membrane guarantees long term safe storage for the variety of liquid with zero leakage or contamination.


High tensile corrugated steel wall externally supported with ‘W’ type stiffeners and studs, sheared from black carbon steel, provide maximum strength to the storage tank and increase its load carrying capacity.


Liners are prefabricated as one ‘bag’ or ‘bladder’ to fit inside the storage tank and to hold the liquid inside. Liners guarantee zero leakage of liquid and no direct contact between the store liquid and the storage tank steel wall to restrict corrosion on steel wall and contamination in the liquid. Liners are fabricated from high tensile PVC, TPU or EPDM fabrics with food grade, anti-algae, anti-static, fire-retardant and anti-cracking properties.


Heavy duty commercial roofs are produced for specific geographical condition like seismic zone & snow load with 7 to 10° slope to compliment the angle of the products with maximum roof load capacity 11,690 kg.

‘I’ beam rafters from cylinder to top ring along with ‘Compression Beams’ provide strong fame work for the roof. Roofs are fitted with ‘Inspection Gate’, ‘Roof Ladder’, ‘Inside Ladder’, ‘Roof Vents’, ‘Level Indicator’ etc.


Tank wall is formed with individual corrugated sheets roll formed to sinusoidal profile and supported by external stiffeners of ‘W’ profile. The effective height of each wall ring is 1.00 meter, sheets are connected through ‘brick type’ joints in taller Tanks for better strength. Ring thickness varies from bottom to top depending on the load experienced at the different rings.

Generally, each wall sheet is externally supported by two number of stiffeners, although in taller Tanks, each wall sheet is externally supported by three number of stiffeners. These stiffeners are sheared and formed from ‘Black Carbon’ steel for better strength and finished with Hot Dipped Galvanization for better protection against corrosion. Stiffeners are vertically connected through Splices to assure uniform distribution of axial loads which also ensures carrying of vertical loads effectively to the ground or foundation.


50 mm diameter multiple wind rings assure better tightening of the silo wall and better protection against wind. BEN & GAWS standard design includes 180 Kmph wind speed consideration which can be upgraded up to 250 Kmph depending on geographical locations.


8.8 grade galvanized hardware provides high corrosion resistance and neoprene backed washer protects zinc coating of the sheet at bolted section and provides watertight joint to protect the materials stored inside the Tank. Generally double row bolt assembly is used in BEN & GAWS grain Tanks however for taller Tanks triple row bolt assembly is also used.


All-weather-proof doors are supplied with every silo along with step-in ladders and platforms for easy access. Wall mounted access doors are generally fit with the second ring from the bottom and the roof mounted access doors are fit on roof close to the wall mounted external ladder.


Both external and internal ladders are attached with the Tanks through bolting and are covered with safety cages at certain distances. Intermediate rest platforms are provided at every 3-meter distance. Ladders and platforms are available with anti-slip footrests and are designed in accordance with related safety standards.


We are manufacturers and suppliers of storage tanks for various purposes like raw water storage, drinking water storage, municipal wastewater storage, firefighting water storage, industrial water storage, residential water storage, rainwater storage and storage tanks for water treatment plants (ETP/STP), etc, as well as edible oil storage tank, molasses storage tank, chocolate syrup storage, dry and wet paper pulp storage tank, diesel storage tank also known as modular tank, liner tank, bolted tank, galvanized tank and zincalume tank, etc. We cater to markets in India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Myanmar, Indonesia, Cambodia, Vietnam, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Jordan, Tanzania, South Africa, Namibia, Kenya, Nigeria, Zambia, Ethiopia, Argentina, Bolivia, Mexico, Peru, Brazil, and Colombia.